Armistice Day: 11/11
F or all those that live in the UK and avail themselves of the goods, services and lifestyle which is the envy of many a nation in the world; we all owe a debt of gratitude to the brave men and women who fought and lost their lives or loved ones in combat, which laid down the foundations of the modern world that we enjoy now.

There is barely a nation on Earth that has not been affected by the Great War, either directly or indirectly. The nations and peoples that took part on the Somme stretched afar. Played out on land and sea which heralded the advent of industrial slaughter. Brutal lessons were learned; lest we forget we could slip back into the abyss of insanity and intransigence.

Our debt to the fallen and the participants gave us what we have today and its an honour to stand in remembrance for 2 mins at 11am on this day.

We publish this within minutes of the observance of two minutes of silence in the hope that those that read it during their busy day will take a moment to take stock and observe the 2 minutes silence.


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