Blue Relativity Bringing Live Chat Options to SMEs
B lue Relativity is a software company that implements Live Chat into a website.

  • Live Chat Benefits to visitors
  • Allows tailored messages  
  • Based on pages viewed


  • Customer engagement 
  • Understanding customer pain points
  • Website conversion 
  • Acquisition of new clients/customers

Successful Live Chat Strategy Requires Knowledge & Understanding to maximise engagement and recognise when and how to use the correct:

  • Tone of Voice 
  • Optimisation of Triggers  
  • Training of Live Chat Agents

“Blue Relativity helps clients choose the right tool based on their businesses current technology stack. We implement, integrate and setup the tool, ensuring correct adoption via training and continuous optimisation. We look at tone of voice to get the most out of your customer engagement and work with our clients on an ongoing basis to constantly tweak and optimise triggers and messaging, in order for Live Chat to be successful it requires constant time and investment. Blue Relativity helps our clients generate higher conversion rates of website visitors to registration or sales, and ultimately a greater ROI on their current marketing spend”.

These adoption services are the core offering of Blue Relativity

Mike Gadd, Founder & Managing Director spent the last 5 years working in a couple of start-up’s he decided to take the plunge and launch his own company called Blue Relativity. His journey has been a massive learning curve which has been positive and hopes it continues. One of the benefits of encountering new challenges brings him satisfaction and adds that  passing knowledge on and solving complex problems for clients is part of the job and enhances their offering.

“Live Chat is an area of customer engagement that is becoming increasingly popular, but the market itself is dominated by software vendors all touting their own tools as the best out there. When I adopted Live Chat in my last company I didn’t find a company out there that would come in and do all my setup, provide impartial advice and help with agent training and support. It seemed a gap that needed filling, after a year of developing Live Chat in the business and unlocking the keys to successful deployment, I launched Blue Relativity”.

Our view:

A tool that helps increase engagement & understanding of clients needs in realtime is dynamic, responsive & should definitely be a consideration given the increased demands of clients/customers in both the B2B and B2C domains. How this works in practice is something we intend to look into and share our experience in the coming weeks and months. We are already in the process of implementing some significant changes and developments in our offering which will be live soon and as soon as its done we will look to implement it on our platform. It can only be a good thing if your are targeting a specific function with multiple disciplines. This is not to say that you should hold back on contacting them to implement it yourselves we just say that it is certainly something that we are considering and we will do so as soon as our current developments are tested and completed. 

If you would like to learn more call, click the link or email Mike 

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