Bunz: a Money Free Trading Zone
I n our travels across this great city we are never short of meeting new and interesting people, be they new be they old, be they a student, be they at work, be they visiting, be they at play. What we are guaranteed is an unexpected encounter that opens new opportunities. On just such an occasion our paths crossed with Romanne who tells us a little of herself, her journey and how she comes to be in this great city along with an exciting offering from our Canadian cousins:  

“I'm Romanne, I'm a third year English literature student at KCL and I'm Franco-Australian but have lived in the UK for almost 10 years now so very much a Londoner by now!Being in London has its ups and downs–the sheer size and relentless activity of the city makes London a real hub for the arts and culture, not only for the UK but on an international scale! But that also makes it one of the most expensive cities in the world, and as a student it's sometimes been really tough to navigate through my social and university life simply because of money... there have been times when I haven't even had enough money to get myself a meal, let alone get around the city! But what makes it all worthwhile is the community of people around me, especially in the East of London: I know I'm not alone being broke, I know loads of students and young professionals who are struggling with debt and living costs as much as I am! That's why I think that there's a real want and need for some sort of an alternative economy, a cooperation between Londoners to keep our heads above the water when things get tough”!

Introducing Bunz… Necessity is the mother of innovation: 

Founder Emily Bitze in 2012 was like many of us at some point or other was out of funds and out of food and wanted to trade something for a jar of Pasta sauce: So she created a Facebook group with a few friends with the idea to trade surplus items for needed items which has grown beyond expectations to a site and app with over 60,000 users trading anything from food and furniture, to services and even living spaces!

“My role with Bunz is to help them bring it over the pond. I was in Toronto for 7 months doing a semester abroad and got wind of a Facebook group where I could get cool stuff by getting rid of my old junk–one man's trash is another man's treasure, so the appeal was obviously there, and travelling around Toronto to do trades seemed like a perfect way to get to know the city and the people in it. One night I did a pretty unpopular trade request: a guy was in dire need of an apple and his prospects weren't looking great: it was late, it was sleeting, and it was cold, but after a good half hour of wondering if anyone was going to bite the bullet and get him an apple, I decided to nab one from the university cafeteria (conveniently open all night during exam periods), and cycled over to him. I got a badge and an ass saver for my bike out of it, and a hot slice on my way home. The people at Bunz headquarters thought that was pretty brave of me so they got me to come into their office the next day and that's how I met David, or 'Uncle Morty', one of the founders and the marketing director of Bunz. We became friends and when it was time for me to go home, he asked if I would like to help them set up shop in London, as they were ready to take the app abroad”.

Aims and objectives of Bunz?

“To create a money free economy that people can really rely on! 

The Facebook group is great for open discussion between users, but the app is where all the magic happens. 

Search for things you want 

Post the things you want to trade 

Connect with people interested in trading 

It creates a recycling economy 

It creates friendships 

It creates a Bunz community! 

Myself and people I know have made friends through Bunz, had their houses painted, got jobs, and even gotten married! When Bunz thrives, it's not only a trading platform, it's also a city network of people just like you and me, and a friendly, money free community, where city Bunz are there to help one another out”.

Costs if any?

“The brains behind Bunz is a carefully coordinated team of Toronto trolls, but the heart and soul of it is the community, and a community of people trading things and life experiences between one another doesn't take much money at all”.

What does Bunz mean to you?

“Bunz appeared for me by chance at a time when I was feeling quite lost in a new city and suddenly gave me an opportunity to get up and go out and meet new people, or take new chances.  

What drives me to push it even more is that I want that for other people in London, too. I've seen what great things being involved in a project like Bunz has done for me and I want it to do the same for others! 

Make connections 

Save money 

Find opportunities 

For me it's not about the work or the money, it's about knowing where I am and who I'm surrounded by, and how to make the most of that”.

What do we think?

Having sat on this and pondered the where and why for’s of our existence as a business for business our primary aim is to increase opportunities for the little guy or gal to earn a few quid.  

Bunz is a great method for people to:




Its application and community focus is to be commended, its rationale and ethos is admirable. 

We welcome Bunz to London and invite you to take a look.


To read the article headlined in the cover image click the following link: https://goo.gl/OfBJ4B



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