CandiRight: Could this be the Right Start for 2016 for you?
A re you looking for a new challenge, a new start, a new beginning for 2016? We are pleased to present this new venture by Amanda Shand called CandiRight, and she is now looking for Co-Founders to join this exciting new venture. Could it be you?

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Amanda Shand – I am a strategic and pragmatic thinker, with creative vision and entrepreneurial flair.

I am well-organised and customer focused, with an emphasis on driving practical, tangible results. I would best describe myself as a conscientious self-starter who works hard and pays great attention to detail.

Tell us about your idea?

CandiRight is a startup business that looks to address a niche in the online recruitment market. The goal is to simply connect the ‘Right Candidates’ to the ‘Right Career Opportunities’ through a new specifically designed platform/application that will work in a similar fashion to online dating (think LinkedIn meets Tinder).

What’s the drive behind CandiRight?

CandiRight was born as a direct response to my personal gripe with how recruitment agencies and online jobsites are currently being managed.

How will it work?

At its core, CandiRight will take attributes from candidates, and either score or make quantifiable-data available to employers *a reverse on a traditional job-board*

What do you want it to do?

The aim is to create a Google like experience for employers - providing an unrivalled search and selection process to companies seeking new employees.

What do you need to achieve it?

Firstly, CandiRight is on the hunt Co-founders. The business is seeking entrepreneurial types that have what it takes to evolve the CandiRight concept from theory to something more tangible.

Then what?

Conceptually I have a clear idea about how I would like CandiRight to operate; however I am still investigating technologies. I am hoping that those that come onboard will help decide what works best and collectively partake in developing the 'CandiRight' product and business strategy.

NB: Roles/partnerships are yet to be defined and are open for discussion…this is not an employed role – but instead the opportunity to Co-Found and launch a new digital startup business.

Current Status

Assets such as Domain names, Trademarks are secured and CandiRight_HQ is active on Twitter. The business is registered at Companies House.


Contact: Amanda Shand

Twitter: @CandiRight_HQ


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