Certainty of Death: Everything Else is up for Grabs?
" It's not about the destination it's about the journey"  This has been quoted in one fashion or another through the ages, in all faiths as well as philosophers and other great minds of humanity. Our collective consciousness has given us the world in which we live today.

In the hubbub of daily life we can become easily distracted from getting on with life in our our own small worlds we sometimes forget to take in the view. There's so much to enjoy, not much that one would want to ignore or indeed should we? 

We all fall prey to it...our quality of life depends on our ability to enjoy it. When life isn't enjoyable for what ever reason be it illness, disability or bereavement, these are fixed points that change our direction, our attitude our comprehension and outlook. 

For some these fixed points make us or break us temporarily or permanently. It teaches us the randomness of life and the fragility of our circumstances. Nothing can be taken for granted as the only certainty is the certainty of our own demise.

A morbid article? Not at all, our lives are destined to end, so when did we get caught up in the rigmarole and semantics of it all. Getting one over on one another has been the preoccupation of many in the world when at a time of great prosperity & wealth the distribution has never been greater.

The mindset of some has been to acquire vast wealth and "let them eat cake" which was once the answer to a cry for help. It's a never ending cycle of humanity's journey to greater enlightenment of the many and not the few.

The printed word spread knowledge which kickstart this acceleration, what discoveries and advances are to come with the digital revolution? What opportunities lay in store for us in a post Brexit world?  

China has shown us that accelerated growth can bring prosperity to many, it has to be said that without access to the US and European markets it mightn't have happened as quickly, in fact it mightn't have occurred at all. 

There was a time when we spent the vast majority of our time hunting and gathering food, seeking shelter and warmth, now we spend time filming ourselves and sharing it with whomever wishes to view, creating a selfie led generation depicting the banality of our lives on a day to day basis. 

Many create the illusion that we all are celebrating our lives and moments of great happiness and satisfaction but the opposite of it is true. Does the selfie generation hide the reality of the everyday struggle in a caricature? Is it a bad thing at all? Is it collective therapy to hide from our realities? 

We have this life, we have this opportunity, we have to hand the tools to make with life what we wish. We have safety, comfort and health? Not everyone it would seem. Th reality is rarely seen in truth...

Opportunities are abound but not in war torn countries of this world or in the refugee camps that they cause, or the millions fleeing persecution and extremism. Not everyone has the luxury of life in all its wonder. So whom is at fault? Is it me for not taking the opportunities presented or not being grateful for them or am i marginalising myself and creating a box within which I exist?

We all have asked ourselves at one point or another in our lives; who am I? Where am I going? Why am I? We fill in the blank spaces with the rest...

Lifestyles of the rich and famous we all secretly crave for one reason or another and it ultimately drives us to succeed because of the safety and comfort that comes with it; or is it the perception of it at least?  The reality is rarely seen.

The world is a stage, and we're all merely players Shakespeare so beautifully penned, such poetry, wisdom, insight into the deepest reaches of ourselves from 500 years past. If there wasn't such beauty and truth wrapped in poetry and verse that taps into us all in some way or another which is why it's endured.  There are many others to choose from, so where will we be moving on?

It's not about the destination it's the journey...we're heading into a fabulous 2017 and beyond and we invite you to join us.


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