Conservative Manifesto Extremism Threat
C onservative policy on extremism threat


  • Strengthen the ability of the police and intelligence agencies to disrupt terrorist plots
  • Deal with online radicalisation and propaganda
  • Tackle all forms of extremism
  • Increased the budgets for
  • The security and intelligence agencies
  • And counter-terrorism policing
  • Continue to reject any suggestions
  • Of sweeping, authoritarian measures
  • That would threaten hard-won freedoms
  • Strengthen powers to confiscate passports
  • Those seeking to travel to commit terrorism
  • Intelligent and comprehensive approach
  • Preventing terrorism and confronting extremism
  • Update counter-terrorism laws wherever necessary

“We will strengthen counter-terrorism powers”

  • Making it easier to stop British nationals travelling abroad to fight
  • Control the return of those who do
  • Keep up to date the ability of the police
  • And security services to access communications data
  • Strengthen our ability to disrupt terrorist plots
  • Criminal networks and organised child grooming gangs
  • Maintain the ability
  • Intercept the content of suspects’ communications
  • Strengthen oversight of the use of these powers

“We will confront all forms of extremism, including non-violent extremism”

  • Outlaw groups that foment hate
  • Introduction of new Banning Orders
  • For extremist organisations
  • Could be applied to dangerous organisations
  • Fall short of the existing thresholds
  • For proscription under terrorism legislation
  • Create new Extremism Disruption Orders
  • Prevent those seeking to radicalise young British people online
  • From using the internet or communicating via social media
  • Develop a strategy to tackle infiltration
  • Of extremists into schools and public services
  • Strengthen OfCom’s role
  • Tough measures taken against channels
  • That broadcast extremist content
  • Enable employers to check whether an individual is an extremist
  • Bar them from working with children
  • Ensure colleges and universities
  • Do not give a platform to extremist speakers


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