Conservative Manifesto Immigration Control
C onservatives policy on immigration control


“Our commitment to you”

  • Plan to control immigration will put you
  • Your family and the British people first
  • We will reduce the number of people coming to our country
  • Tough new welfare conditions and robust enforcement.
  • Keep our ambition of delivering annual net migration in the tens of thousands
  • Not the hundreds of thousands
  • Control migration from the European Union
  • Reforming welfare rules clamp down on illegal immigration
  • Abuse of the Minimum Wage
  • Enhance our border security
  • Strengthen the enforcement of immigration rules
  • Develop a fund to ease pressure on local areas and public services
  • Conservatives believe in controlled immigration, not mass immigration
  • Immigration brings real benefits to Britain
  • To our economy, our culture and our national life
  • Always be a party that is open, outward-looking and
  • Welcoming to people from all around the world
  • Immigration must be controlled
  • When immigration is out of controL
  • It puts pressure on schools hospitals and transport
  • Work to control immigration and put Britain first
  • We have stripped more than 850 bogus colleges
  • Of their rights to sponsor foreign students;
  • Installed proper exit checks at our borders;
  • Cracked down on illegal working and sham marriages;
  • made it harder for people to live in the UK illegally, by
  • Restricting their access to bank accounts,
  • Driving licences and private housing; and
  • Reduced the number of appeal routes to stop people clogging courts
  • Immigration from outside the EU has come down since 2010
  • Non-EU migration cut by 13 per cent
  • Economic migration from outside the EU capped
  • Regain control of EU migration by reforming welfare rules
  • Changes to welfare to cut EU migration will be an absolute requirement in the renegotiation
  • Banned housing benefit for EU jobseekers
  • Restricted other benefits, including Jobseeker's Allowance
  • Insist that EU migrants who claim tax credits and child benefit
  • Must live here and contribute to our country for a minimum of four years
  • This will reduce the financial incentive for lower-paid, lower- skilled workers to come to Britain
  • We will introduce a new residency requirement for social housing,
  • EU migrants cannot even be considered for a council house
  • Unless they have been living in an area for at least four years
  • If an EU migrant’s child is living abroad
  • They should receive no child benefit or child tax credit,
  • No matter how long they have worked in the UK and no matter how much tax they have paid
  • To reduce the numbers of EU migrants coming to Britain,
  • End the ability of EU jobseekers to claim any job-seeking benefits at all
  • If jobseekers have not found a job within six months,
  • They will be required to leave
  • Tougher tests for migrants before they can claim benefits

“We will tackle criminality and abuse of free movement”

  • Negotiate with the EU to introduce stronger powers
  • To deport criminals and stop them coming back
  • Tougher and longer re-entry bans
  • For all those who abuse free movement
  • Toughen requirements for non-EU spouses to join EU citizens
  • Including with an income threshold and English language test
  • When new countries are admitted to the EU in future
  • Insist that free movement cannot apply to those new members
  • Until economies have converged much more closely
  • With existing Member States
  • Continue to cut immigration from outside the EU
  • Already capped the level of skilled economic migration from outside the EU
  • Maintain our cap at 20,700 during the next Parliament
  • Only grant visas to those who have the skills needed in economy
  • Reform the student visa system with new measures
  • To tackle abuse and reduce the numbers of students overstaying
  • Action will include clamping down
  • On number of so-called ‘satellite campuses’ opened in London
  • By universities located elsewhere in the UK,
  • Reviewing the highly trusted sponsor system for student visas
  • Introduction of exit checks
  • Place more responsibility on visa sponsors for migrants who overstay
  • Introduce targeted sanctions for those colleges or businesses
  • That fail to ensure that migrants comply with the terms of their visa
  • Strengthen the enforcement of immigration rules
  • Introduced a ‘deport first, appeal later’ rule for foreign national offenders
  • Remove even more illegal immigrants
  • Extending this rule to all immigration appeals
  • Judicial reviews, including where a so-called right to family life is involved
  • Apart from asylum claims
  • Implement a new removals strategy
  • To remove opportunities for spurious legal challenge
  • And opportunities to abscond
  • Introduce satellite tracking for every foreign national
  • Offender subject to an outstanding deportation order
  • Or deportation proceedings
  • Implement the requirement for all landlords
  • To check the immigration status of their tenants

“We will tackle people trafficking and exploitation”

  • Re-introduced a proper system of exit checks across the country,
  • passed a Modern Slavery Act that
  • Protect people from exploitation
  • Quadrupled the fines for unscrupulous employers
  • Who undercut the Minimum Wage
  • Introduce tougher labour market regulation
  • Tackle illegal working and exploitation
  • To crack down further on illegal working,
  • Harness data from multiple agencies, including Exit Checks data
  • To identify illegal immigrants and businesses that employ illegal workers
  • Incentivise tougher action on employers
  • Who do not pay the minimum wage
  • Allow inspection teams to reinvest more of the money raised by fines levied on employers
  • Ease pressure on public services and local community
  • Taking unprecedented action to tackle health tourism
  • Recover up to £500 million from migrants who use the NHS
  • To help communities experiencing high and unexpected volumes of immigration
  • Introduce a new Controlling Migration Fund
  • To ease pressures on services
  • To pay for additional immigration enforcement
  • To prevent sectors becoming
  • Partially or wholly reliant on foreign workers
  • Require those regularly utilising the Shortage Occupation List
  • Under which they can bring skilled foreign workers into the UK
  • To provide long-term plans for training British workers

“We will promote integration and British values”

  • Speaking English is a fundamental part of integrating into society
  • Introduced tough new language tests for migrants
  • Ensured councils reduce spending on translation services
  • Legislate to ensure that every public sector worker
  • Operating in a customer-facing role must speak fluent English
  • To encourage better integration into society
  • Require those coming to Britain on a family visa
  • With only basic English to become more fluent over time,
  • With new language tests for those seeking a visa extension


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