Equality of the Sexes: What is Equality in Reality?
I n the playgrounds across the world children are acting out the fundamental dynamics of social interactions which will form the foundation of their attitude and behaviour in adulthood. Just like wild animals on the savannahs of Africa the young use play to learn.

What is it that they learn on the savannahs?

“The roles between male and female are clearly defined for optimum efficiency of every species”.

The strongest become the dominant, the healthy survive longer, the weak become subservient, the sickly die soonest, the ones with most attributes have more offspring. There is a hierarchy. There are your peers but they exist in family groups or troupes of apes. The rest is a simple fact of survival of the fittest.

Mother Nature is the most virulent killer of all. The name Mother Nature suggests loving and nurturing, the image is opposite to the reality.

Mother Nature has refined her brutality to a level of sophistication that we marvel at with wonder and admiration combined with a healthy dose of fear and caution. There is no greater killer or ultimate apex predator than she. Our efforts pale into insignificance, but one aspect, we have the ability to think and consider the ramifications of our actions whereas Mother Nature is instinctual and is bereft of compassion.

The roles between male and female are clearly defined for optimum efficiency of every species. We are and should be the exception. There is no other species like us which is why on our plane we are the dominant species.  We have the ability to influence and alter our environment in an unprecedented manor but aren't the bees as influential? Without  bees we cannot survive; neither would most of life on Earth. 

In our ever increasing understanding of how we fit in the ecosystem of the worlds environment we are subject to the whim of Mother Nature just like every other creature on Earth.  We discovered that Mother Nature can protect us with antibiotics which has seen our advancements in healthcare, lifestyle and life expectancy as a direct result of her influence, grace and favour.

She is the ultimate female; that stands head and shoulders above all mankind and we'd be better off if we worked with her rather than against her as it's a battle we cannot win. The word 'war' infers two equally matched opponents slugging it out to decide who is more dominant than the other. We are definitely not at war with Mother Nature; we exist at her whim and on the precipice of annihilation.  All it would take is an antibiotic resistant bug, a flu virus worse than Spanish flu, an autoimmune deficiency, and we are done.

She is the most sophisticated murderer of species she could wipe us out in an instant and the rest of the animal world would be fine. Superpower doesn't cut it; Mother Nature is the Hyper-power!

The women of our species are not to be trifled with; should they be given special consideration or is it nurture that sets them back? Does competition separate the most proficient and skilled from the inept? When does consideration for gender hinder advancement? Does allowing for career breaks for childbirth and breaking glass ceilings stifle excellence? Is it a man’s world because women have been nurtured to be less competitive than men? Does competition between the sexes exist precisely because it's required for a species to evolve? If we make special allowances will that dilute excellence and allow for mediocrity to prosper to all our detriment? 

Specialisms evolved to create expertise in a given field or ability. Men are mentally, physically and biologically different from women.  Can men and women ever compete on a level playing field when we are so different that matching up is nearly impossible?  

Soft skills are just as important in business as hard skills; are women more proficient in soft skills than men? Are women achieving higher education results than men? Far from being the lesser sex are women the stronger sex in all but physical attributes  than men? 

Discrimination on the grounds of sex race religion or other is abhorrent when negative; to discern which candidate is best for the job essential to succeed? If a woman wants to take a career break to have children is right and proper, the barriers for women to return to work if they so choose should be lowered; isn't flexible remote working is the future for both parents? Shouldn't the workplace be open for men and women to raise a family equally?


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