How we Maintain our Humanity in the Face of Inhumanity?
F ollowing Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge, Grenfell Towers & Finsbury Park: We Continue to Stand Together!

It’s an extraordinary time, but as an extraordinary nation we will prevail.

We have been quiet of late because we have been busy beavering away in the background getting our long awaited update that will finally set our stall out that will create opportunities, that will reinvigorate, it will enable us to re-unite, to celebrate our diversity, it will highlight our unity of spirit.

This is a message to reinforce our shared values, our shared aim and ambition to create peace and prosperity in the business and lifestyles of all. Our journey has been a long one, its had its ups and downs, but nothing worth doing is easy.  We are all being tested, we need to stand firm, we need to remain united and we need to maintain our dignity and respect for our fellow citizens and our national values.

Our values are what makes us a great nation, our ability to work together, to live together and thrive together regardless of race, creed, colour, faith or no faith.

We cannot expect our government & our emergency services to cope with it all without our continued support and cooperation. They are our bedrock upon which we all continue enjoy safety & comfort.  

Grenfell Towers was an exceptional situation and we need to allow our government and services to investigate and disseminate in order to make sense of the situation, its causes and effects. There is no doubt that we will get through this together and come out more unified and appreciative of our diversity and unity.

There is a divide, there is a fear, there is an issue of extremism on both sides of the spectrum. It’s a reality that we have to acknowledge, we needn’t be afraid of it, we need to face it head on and face it down, like homophobia, misogyny, & discrimination of all kinds.

Upon learning that the usual suspects are being rolled out who state that for one reason or another that its one section or another is  at fault, we are here to state that whoever is a fault is almost moot in so far as it has its cause and effect.  Its a problem that we all have to deal with in order to resolve it. 

There is no option other than to come together to address the issue of extremism period! There isn't a debate among the right minded among us that it’s an issue, its how we deal with it that will demonstrate our humanity over the inhumane!

It is our belief that we will get through this difficult testing period; we will come out of this a stronger and greater community of communities. Never have we been so proud of the circumstance under which we continue to live and work together in peaceful coexistence.

We mustn't forget that this nation has been the champion of equality and human rights! Its a bastion of freedom and civilisation. Its why so many clamour to live here because its a haven of humanity in an ever increasingly inhuman world. Let us not lose sight that the instability that surrounds us would visit us at some point; defeating it will require, strength, resilience, unity of purpose; ideals that underpin, the very freedoms and benefits of our great nation!


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