Issues of the Century?
T he Geo-political questions of the world as we know it today are in such a state of flux that no wonder there are many across the world that might fear the worst. The question we should ask of ourselves here in the UK is an easier one. What do we want to achieve for our nation? What do we want to achieve in our world? How best can we be the nation that leads by example in this century?

These are big questions; these require some thought and consideration; these require a focussed approach. Business & lifestyle depends on it being an amicable democratic solution that works for the many and not just the few.

We wrote last week about the USA being much like Marmite you either love it or hate it. We came out in favour of the USA on the whole and we still regard it as being a correct and proper reason for doing so. However on the basis of an inconsistent and fundamentally flawed rudderless foreign policy for over 30 years in the middle east. The EU has been equally impotent in the face of this ongoing crisis of which we are a party to in its entirety.   This is an undeniable fact.  We have got it completely wrong on an epic scale. So what is to be done?

“We may have won the war but the struggle for peace still continues”.

The issues will not disappear of their own accord; no one is suggesting that we should wash our hands of it because it’s an impossible position to maintain but its pretty much the position we have had for some time. This is why we are in the situation that we are today. What is that situation as we see it? A region mired in sectarian conflict along boundaries that do not accurately reflect the divisions along which the people live.  The only reason this has existed up until now is the fact that various dictators, despots,  and royal families supported by the West that have kept a lid on the tinder box that it is.

“Noise is the opposite of peace”.

The regional issues, the religious and cultural issues, the paranoia and mistrust of many in the region because of the history of the situation and successive governments and foreign policy backtracking which has been the bane of the whole region. We are not completely at fault here, it’s a near ungovernable situation along the lines that were drawn post World War 2; and given the dire straits in which we were as a nation it was to be expected that we made the best of a bad situation.   We may have won the war but the struggle for peace still continues.

Thats the story so far…what is to come?

What is to come is largely dependant upon what role we take moving forward!  Do we continue to be part of the problem or do we offer credible solutions?  Prosperity provides the platform for stability, this can only be achieved when there is peace, peace can only be achieved when the factions of a region feel that they have a voice. The voice of the minority cannot be heard over the noise of war. Noise is the opposite of peace.

We are not the imperial power we once were; but thats not to be ashamed of; our imperial past has given us the multicultural Britain we have today. Our opportunities are far greater given the advances in knowledge, technology, transport, giving rise to choice and variety.  Smaller more nimble organisations are best able to adapt than large lumbering corporations.  Does this not apply to government also?

The United Kingdom has moved towards greater independence in a post Brexit world, we can and should go back and fix that which was never properly fixed as part of a community of nations for the benefit of the many cultures of the middle east and wider world.  We will always be subject to the issues that happen there by virtue of its geography.  Our trade has traditionally emanated from that region and beyond for millennia. It’s only in the past 500 years has trade expanded west. 

Britains future in the world is to rightfully take its place in the world as a sovereign state in its own right, working with our friends and allies not just our friends and neighbours on the continent across the pond. Our soft power has to and will replace our imperial power, we just have not fully realised our potential yet.  

“In the history of civilisation we’re more capable of creating greater freedom and prosperity through business and lifestyle opportunities than we’re able to today”

What happens in the next decade will lay the foundations for a future that will see Britain at the front of the free and democratic world leading by example and not by holding a gun to the head of a sovereign nation, whomever it may be; that also being said we will not roll over and be bullied by nations or individuals that play geopolitical games that have always led to bloodshed not peace. We have learned lots from our past errors; we needn't continue to make the same errors, we need to acknowledge our shortcomings and learn from them.  

In the history of civilisation we’re more capable of creating greater freedom and prosperity through business and lifestyle opportunities than we’re able today. We all can’t be workers in a large multinational, we all cant be business owners or leaders, what we can be is able to live, work and thrive without the need for mass migration from one region to another.  If all regions are prosperous for their people the more chances for greater prosperity and peace.  

“Britains future depends on a global environment that is conducive to opportunities for prosperity”.

This could be viewed as a naive given the complexities of the situation which to a certain extent we agree but the most effective solutions to seemingly complex issues often stare us in the face and are overlooked because of their simplicity.

There is an alternative; do we leave it to either of the two presidential candidates locked in an unprecedented election battle in the modern era? Given the fact that the Clintons and Bush families have been in power in the highest offices over the last 30 years might have a bearing on the reasons why things are so bad? Isn't that why the likes of Trump have found favour?

“We have a business that wants to expand beyond our borders, not just in the EU but North, South, East and West”.

An in out solution to the issues is not feasible for the UK, for the EU, for the USA, for Russia, China, India or Brazil in this instance.  Continued instability in the region is a contagion that requires collective cooperation to come to a peaceful resolution.  A peaceful stable resolution is the only option to be sought.

Why do we, a Business & lifestyle business hold this view? Without stability, peace and prosperity the little man or woman will not thrive, we are about the little man or woman no matter what faith, creed, colour or orientation they be.  We have a business that wants to expand beyond our borders, not just in the EU but North, South, East and West.

Britains future depends on a global environment that is conducive to opportunities for prosperity.  Our future and that of the world entire depends on how we conduct ourselves in the decade to come.  Brexit is a large part of that but it certainly isn't the only part. Our proud history, cultural connections, friends and allies old and new are the key to our prosperity. Jobs and homes for many where needs and wants are suitably satisfied and self actualisation has the opportunity to thrive.

Debate regarding the where, who and why for, is really what the masses complain of most; now its time to get on with the job in hand and start making good on the  promises not just rhetoric, 8 years of austerity and cuts is quite enough wouldn't you agree?


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