Know Your Market and Customers: The Importance of Earnest Messaging?
I n an age of 24/7 rolling news, the digital (R)evolution has given us information overload, which in turn has made us more averse to advertising in its traditional sense. That being said, advertising has evolved and tapped into the human subconscious, but this doesn't mean that your message can be off point. You will pay heavily if you're off point.

So what is the message? 

Without the resources or combined intelligence, talent or technology of an ad agency how can a small business achieve and execute an effective campaign without the multi million pound budget? 

Humorous satirical V/B-logging, in the hope of it going viral is one way but, is there a common theme that runs through it all? 

The messaging has a certain honesty to it, it does what is says on the tin, it doesn't baffle you with science, it doesn't sell you a lie (that would be illegal) it might infer that it might be a cut above the rest but we are now a sophisticated bunch of consumers and we switch off very quickly if we don't like the message. So they are designed to appeal to particular audiences at particular times in a particular way; repetition or reinforcement is also a factor but until recently this was the preserve of the big boys and girls and not for the small fry.

In our understanding there are two kinds of products, essentials and luxuries. Essentials are purchased instinctively and are known and trusted which tend to be handed down by our parents or peer groups and or what was desirable at a crucial time in our lives. Look, tastes, smells combine to reinforce a memory of happy times. These items can only be switched out by one of two reasons, cost or changes in taste. The brands that endure are ingrained and their messaging is a reinforcement of trust and familiarity.

Essentials in the developed world would be considered as luxuries elsewhere but thats just the nature of consumerism in the modern world. 

The luxuries hit a different part of our psyche. To desire and be desired, to identify with a group or cause, to demonstrate our intelligence, wit and sensibilities. What we choose to buy in our luxuries informs those of whom we seek attention that, this is who we are and this is what we think. It's little more than plumage to find, be found and identify with likeminded people.

Once you've understood this the you can place your business within the ever increasing diversity and complex tapestry that makes this digital world such as vibrant place of opportunity yet still polarises between those that know and those that don't. 

If you don't want your message to get lost in translation, you need to identify and be identified instantaneously, you need to set your stall out with narrative that speaks multiple languages on multiple levels yet cuts through it all in its honesty. If you achieve that and you're on your way to nirvana. 

In order to understand a consumer ask your self a series of questions:

Tea or Coffee?

Which Brand?


Whether we choose to believe it or not our buying preferences are largely decided by our mentors or peers. We have a heard mentality when it comes to preferences because of the multiplicity of choices available. There comes a point where we buy the same things in the same way without great thought or consideration because we are distracted by our day to day lives, getting to and from work, navigating through the rush hour, keeping track of our social media, following up on the previous days work or catching up with personal chores, meanwhile we instinctively buy a particular coffee, snack bar, or some other sweet or savoury. Its often done with little thought or consideration because we busy ourselves with being busy.

If you know this already or are looking into it for the first time as a marketeer when trying to sell your wares it’s purely about understanding behaviours and segmenting them which will generate data for analysis.

Some things are so easily sold that it doesn't bear thinking about but if you want to attract more attention without it looking as if you are working too hard at doing so that is when you will find more people being attracted to your product or service.

If you want to hit that target without breaking the bank or exhausting yourself in the thinking then we are available to walk you through this.

Our Video Pitch Days come with helping you to develop your script and pin down your messaging, helping you to define and project it in an honest and sincere way. Big budget blockbusters can be achieved through the simplest of messaging, which is how many a successful you tuber achieves fame and glory, but you needn't be concerned if you don’t hit the big time, you may just help to develop your local clientele and help with the communication of your messaging to build a small but loyal community.

So, drop us a line to find out more about how we can help you develop your business messaging.

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To further understand your business and what you may already know but may have overseen there are some pointers from an article we find to be interesting. There are points within that are relevant to any business.

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Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer Retention Rate

Lifetime Value 

ratio of CAC to LTV

CAC Recovery Time


Monthly Burn


Profit Margin

Conversion Rate

Gross Merchandise Volume

Monthly Active Users


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