The Art of Leadership: A Recipe for Success or Failure?
I t's been said of the West that, “Its fortune not legacy that changes a life” Studying the East as we have done for millennia, their contribution to humanity as a whole are the building blocks upon which the edifice that is modern civilisation sits today. Wisdom is the rudder that steers a ship straight and true, the captain of the ship is the merely the tool of the crew to work in consort. One ship does not make an armada. 

So who leads? 

Intelligence, is not the preserve of the privileged few; it's the fruit of the learned upon which the nation acquires sustenance. To know the difference between intelligence and wisdom is the nugget that a true leader knows, respects and earns through defeat of oneself. 

A true leader is selfless, the one that know the difference, between knowledge and wisdom, does not seek greatness or riches but seeks happiness & prosperity for those that they lead. 

It's true to say that the leadership cannot always be right because a leadership requires a crew to execute the vision for the armada as a whole to remain straight and true but it's the crew that maintain it.

The leader may not necessarily be on any of the vessels and maybe in the warmth and comfort of home; whereas the armada is at sea facing several foes at once. The weather and the collective ability of those on the other side. An armada once set sail to do something and met with an inferior force in numbers but a superior force in technology and strategy. We have used this terminology deliberately as we are a seafaring mercantile nation that has used gunboat diplomacy in the past for our sins but that was in any age that possibly befitted that behaviour. 

Hindsight is a wonderful thing; it allows for forensic like observation of the factors that contribute to the success or failure of any joint enterprise. Our leaders do fail; and fail abysmally at that. Our executives can and do fail us also. The collective consciousness of the people is the ultimate judge, jury & executioner. The latter need not be so literal, it can mean the exercising of ones vote. 

Leadership is a lonely place, but it needn't be; democratic accountability is a man made construct that as an institution grows stronger in the digital world. Equality & human rights was myth and fable in the days of antiquity; what we have today is the ability to do right by the many and achieve a greater legacy than ever before and we have a lot to live up to.

It is now more than ever that we speak softly yet still carry a big stick. The difference between knowledge and wisdom for great leadership is this; knowledge is knowing how to do something; wisdom is knowing how to do something well; greatness is achieved by doing for the betterment of the many and not just the few.


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