Looks Good On Me: Fashion App for Sharing
W e met Tatjana Apukhtina one of the founders of Looks Good On Me and we are delighted to share her story with you.

Looks Good On Me is a social shopping app that allows users to get Fast Fashion Feedback from people they trust, such as their friends and stylists.

Imagine you’re walking down the Oxford Street after work. Everywhere you look you see a massive SALE sign, so eventually you pop into one of the shops and pick a fair amount of pieces, seduced by the low prices. Loaded with hangers of fabrics of all kind you walk into the changing room… and that’s where it all starts. Which piece should you buy? What about that top with the yellow stripes? You sort of like it, but not quite sure about the shape. And what about flowery loose trousers? Is that too much or can you still pull them off?
That’s when you need advice from your friends! With Looks Good On Me, all you need to do is to take a mirror selfie of your outfit, specify which piece you need the opinion on and give your friends a time limit between 1 and 10 minutes to respond.
After the timer has clocked by you receive an overall “YES” or “NO” verdict and can read the individual comments from your friends, all displayed conveniently on one screen.

When did you start?

The idea came to us almost 2 years ago, so it has been a long process for us. We’ve done a lot of research, before going over to the actual development process as we wanted to make sure that we create something that people truly want.

Why did you start?

Well, first of all we saw that there was a definite need in the market for a product like ours. My friends would constantly ask me for advice on outfits, but there was no convenient way for me to respond quickly to their queries. So we decided to come up with a fun version, where you can ask lots of different friends with just one click, ensuring that you get a feedback which is truly constructive and helps you make the right choice.

What has your journey been like?

It’s been a crazy rollercoaster ride with lots of ups and downs. There have been so many challenges along the way, from getting the investment to, delays in the development and many other little obstacles in between. But there have also been super amazing moments, like testing your app on the phone for the very first time, when the realisation hits you that it’s not just an idea anymore - it’s real and you can see and “touch” it.

What challenges have you encountered?

I’d say the biggest challenge was probably the financial struggle and “fighting” the bugs on the app.

How did you overcome the challenges?

You have to be patient and persistent - after all the challenges are there to be overcome, right? There is always a solution, so all you need to do is to make sure you find it.

Where are you now?

We have officially launched our app 3 weeks ago and it’s now available to download on both iOS and Google Play store. (www.looksgoodonme.com) Now we’re at the stage where we’re actively growing our user base and at the same time looking for ways to improve our app and make the user experience even better.

Where do you hope to be?

Our goal is to have over a million users within 2 years and a strong global presence for the Looks Good On Me brand. We’d like to become the Snapchat for Fashion.

Do you have anything that you would like to add?

I’d like to add that we’re very proud to be the official partner of the Cybersmile Foundation. Cybersmile are one of the world's leading charities for supporting the victims of cyberbullying - a problem which is growing with the success of social apps and the increase of online interaction.

We are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our users to get fast fashion feedback that is constructive. We encourage a positive, confidence-boosting experience with our app, providing an alternative to open community apps that don't place so much value on their users. For example, we sometimes display positive, reassuring messages while people are waiting for their fashion verdict.

Do you have a testimonial from a happy client/s?

This is a review I picked from Google Play store.
Rachel Martin: Love it! This app not only let's me pick out great outfits but keeps me in contact with my friends overseas! I love it!


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