Multicultural Britain: Good up to a Point?
T he endless debate that rages in tabloids, broadsheets, tv and social media about the pros and cons of multicultural Britain diluting Britishness and native identity is a debate that will continue for some time to come; it's unlikely to be reversed unless sectarian violence takes a hold and the racists will turn on each other and attempt to ethnically cleanse each other. The trouble is, what side do those of mixed parentage take?

It's a rhetorical question because we do not think that this will ever happen because for all the faults in our society, once they come to light our society, our community, our judiciary our politicians take steps to deal with the issues.

The problem with society, the problem with equal opportunities is that it's still relatively new. We've only just come to acknowledge that equal opportunities for all regardless of faith, colour, sexual orientation or gender and be underpinned with legislation.

It is right to question whether political correctness has shrouded policy makers decisions. It's also right to question systemic failures. In order to correct mistakes of the past.

Multiculturalism is fine, multiculturalism is great but, we also need to acknowledge that there are cultures, there are faith groups that will not necessarily see eye to eye on all aspects of a secular society.

The system of multiculturalism, tolerance and harmony can and will only work if the members of the various communities sign up to it. By deciding to live in London and the wider UK/EU is an acceptance of that fact. It's a non retractable contract with the rest of society and our government to abide by the laws of this nation.

We also need to accept that the laws are subject to amendment and there are individuals from all communities that will have difficulty assimilating; where they come into direct conflict with society and laws that govern us all; if they break the laws they are criminals and subject to arrest and prosecution.

No individual is above the law and most of all those that are charged with upholding the law and those that draft it too. For a society to remain healthy and progressive the rights of the individual and the state go hand in hand but the right to demonstrate within the boundaries of the law is just; however in times where the law comes into conflict with the popular vote; it is the law that changes to accommodate society.

It's all well and good but what does that all mean? The root of this piece is this; you can keep your culture, you can keep your identity, you can keep your faith, you cannot keep your right of abode, you cannot keep your right to the protection, benefits, healthcare and education if you are at odds with the rights of others to have the same rights as you.


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