After the Success of TeamGB in Rio what next for TeamUK?
T he Rio Olympiad has been an unbridled success for Team GB with an increased tally of medals than in London 2012 and coming second yes second in the medal tables above that of China. If that isn't to be proud of then we know not of that  which we can.

It's a far cry from the days of the Atlanta games when we came 36 in the medal table. So what made it happen?

Raw talent, investment, passion, commitment, dedication, self belief and inspiration; all of which combined to create an outstanding medal tally of which there could've been many more from the amount of near misses, which were gut-wrenchingly disappointing for the athletes concerned but it will inspire them to put Tokyo 2020 in their crosshairs.

There can be one amazing fact that we can all take from this as a nation. We can go it alone and succeed.Yes, it's teamwork, yes it's all of the above and more, yes as Michael Johnson put it we need not “settle for mediocrity”. Yes we can reach for the stars and achieve success, yes we can eek out wins, yes we can push for marginal gains, yes we can combine science, technology, talent and execution and succeed. We need not settle for the days of make do and mend, we can inspire and innovate, we can lead from the front and win. We need not be concerned about making it on the world stage alone. We can, we have and we will continue to do so.

Team UK has, can and is also pushing the boundaries of innovation at all levels of our  society; in art and culture, science and technology. There is nothing that we cant achieve, we need only apply our knack for innovation and match it with investment. 

Its been perpetuated throughout the business world that Britain is great at invention but not so great at capitalising on them. Investment has not been forthcoming because our banks and investors aren’t so forgiving when it comes to previous failures of entrepreneurs; nor are they so ready to take a punt on a new concept or invention and it takes investors from our cousins across the pond who take a positive view and profit from our reservations. To a certain degree that has been the case because for some reason Britain had become almost embarrassed to sing its praises, to state the obvious, to be proud of our canny ability to innovate. But hasn't the time come to do exactly that which we culturally find inherently counter intuitive? 

Fortune favours the bold, and we are certainly not meek. 8 years of austerity Britain, the recent fear mongering of our recent referendum campaign and all those that fear change we say this. It's only through change can we move forward, it's only through pushing ourselves can we succeed beyond our expectations. Nothing has ever been achieved through stay at home and do nothing; it's only by going out into the world can we learn more and influence positive change and that's not through protectionism, it's by embracing the unknown and conquering it. Fear is good but it shouldn't be a reason not to try. Failure is not a reason for castigating our peers it's to pick ourselves up and try again, because through our failings will the taste of success be that much sweeter.


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