The Reality of Life in the UK: What is Really Happening?
T he situation in the UK for all its greatness, it still belies the fact that there are issues on the ground; what are they you ask?

Following the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of homosexuality, something that has been as much a part of humanity since our beginnings; we need to recognise that, as well as we might think we are; there are issues that we need to address. We cannot sit back and deny the fact that there are many streets that are awash with hunger, dissatisfaction, despair, wrapped in criminality, misogyny, sexual exploitation, racism & mental health issues driven by austerity and ignorance.

Has social media been the tool which has enabled it to flourish whilst the law has driven it underground in reality? The law is an ass but in questioning the status quo do we not collectively whip that ass? If individuals, groups, or communities do not stand together the injustices of the past do not get righted.

Are we kidding ourselves by hiding from the reality of the stench from an open sewer that permeates up to us in our ivory towers? Are we deluding ourselves because the sewer is covered over? Are those Ivory towers not the towers that have the cladding that breaches fire safety regulations yet still have managed to find their way onto buildings where people live (largely in social housing)

Racism is real; it is present in our communities, it never left. The law may legislate but do the people continue to behave as though nothing has changed? Ask Dianne Abbott MP how she feels about it; ask any woman in public office about the vitriolic abuse that they endure via social media,  email, calls even physical threats of violence and the tragic Murder of Jo Cox MP last year if it is an issue?

Have we mollycoddled ourselves in the blanket of delusion that all is well in our society?  Are we sleepwalking into disaster if we fail to take a joined up approach to dealing with the socio-economic issues of early 21st century Britain?  The demographics of Britain have changed in the last 50 years but ethnic minorities only make up approximately 14% of the UK population. There is still large scale fear and isolation in working class communities; so, what are we going to do about it?

What are we going to do while our politicians busy themselves setting themselves up for power in the event of another snap election?  Is the realpolitik such, that our politicians are either not busying themselves with the job in hand; or making contingency plans to side step a wounded prime minister in office?  Are they failing to see the human side of the situation with which we are presented? Are they playing politics through point scoring in order to satisfy a media driven news agenda? Is the media driven agenda not about specific policy per-se but to get the next scoop drive clicks, visits, hits, likes to justify their existences with sensationalism wrapped in journalistic integrity?

Has the effect of rolling news and social media just reinforced the confirmation bias that we all seek out and semi-intelligent algorithms reinforce that which we want to consume without offering at least a smattering of an alternative viewpoint?

What does the answer look like? What do we do in the meantime? Are we to sit back with a wait and see policy until it moves up the agenda? Is the digital age moving us too fast to realise, cause and effect of a digital world? Are there silos of thinkers, with not enough doers? 

Is populism an issue that has dogged Europe and the West caused by a decade of austerity without any real improvement in the economic health & wellbeing of ordinary working people; meanwhile large corporates, our banks rectify their balance sheets, claw back their losses, bolster their bank accounts and dividends for their shareholders? 

Is the reality of the lack of opportunities for social mobility, hopes and aspirations hindered by the reality of planning for oneself, for home ownership, by the burden of student debt such as it is? This, coupled with the reality of the chances of family planning for couples of any persuasion just a figment of the imagination of many?

What are the answers to the questions we pose?

Do we continue to believe that all is well?

Do we continue to blame Brexit or Remain?

Do we continue to blame others?

Do we continue to blame ourselves?

Do we continue to blame the issues?

Or do we look for solutions?

In a world of so much opportunities, in the fifth largest economy in the world, do we continue with the status quo or address the issues that are real and present?

Is discrimination and opportunism hand in glove on one hand, with racism and sexism on the other?

The issues of the young are the issues of the middle aged and old; are we on the same boat or are we just about papering over the cracks with sentimentalist sycophancy wrapped in denial and an unwillingness to take the bull by the horns?



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