What can UK SMEs learn from Team GB in Rio?
W inning 38 Medals and counting; second from top in medal rankings. What can an SME startup or entrepreneur learn?We say lots.

It takes hard work, it takes dedication, it takes focus, it takes heart, it takes drive, it takes sacrifice, it takes blood sweat and tears, it takes determination, it takes teamwork, it takes support, it takes comfort, shelter, and understanding from loved ones. It takes peace, space and time, all combined to ensure you’re at your peak at the right time at the right place.

The difference for SMEs startups and entrepreneurs is aside from competitions and seasons you are in it all the time, money needs to be made 24/7 365 where possible.

So what have you got in your tank to enable you to be traceable 24/7, what systems and processes do you have in place?  Do you have what it takes to grind out a victory? What consists of a victory for you? Do you want to be up there or are you happy to coast? Even to coast you still need to be on point; anything less than coasting is contraction or losing business.

What is the deal? What is your red line? What makes it worthwhile for you? 

How many times as a small business are you left thinking about what are your next steps?  When your sat alone at your desk, on the sofa, lying awake in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling, or staring at the wall in a bar.  If you don’t have to worry that would mean that you have made it to where you are comfortable. 

Each and every one of us has a driver, we all know at what point we will say thats it I’m good with this. If you still aspire to reach that point have you identified that point and the steps you need to take to get there? Or are you still considering the steps to take?  

The journey is fraught with challenges; there will be days weeks and months where it will be two steps forward one step back then one step forward then two steps back, but what will drive you to continue to get up day after day,  on weekends, bank holidays, on cold winter days and nights to get to where you want to be?

The reality for us all is we all have to have a reason for wanting to get up out of bed to go to work whether its for your self or for an employer. At least for an employer the trade off is stability; so why do we do it? 

Its a question thats sure to be asked many a day and night and time and time again you may have questioned the seemingly insane life that you lead, but the majority of you know why you opted to start up and work for yourselves.

The reason invariably might be one or more of the following:

I hate my job

I want to be my own boss

I want to follow a dream

I want to live a dream

I want to more family time 

I want to do what i love 

I want to be happier 

So when you ask yourself why, tell your self why not?

Why not try, why not aspire, why not want something better, why not look to make improvements, why not look for personal and professional fulfilment, why not look to set yourself apart?  The greatest shame is not to try at all.

Success is something by which you are judged; this can be by your peers, your family, your friends and colleagues.  But the best and only one that counts is the measure by which you assess yourself.

Success should not be decided by others about you; its something that you decide for your self.  It needn’t be financial, social or professional. The best success is the personal success for yourself.

What can TEAM UK learn from TEAM GB?

Excellence is a craft thats earned through hard work and dedication. The elite work harder than usual. If you are not a medal winner it does not mean that you put any less work in. Of the 11,000 athletes from across the world that gathered for the Olympic games in Rio 2016 only a handful will have left with a medal. The purpose of competition is to drive up excellence, to participate in that process is just as important, to learn and be inspired is the greatest thing we can achieve from which we learn and share our experiences.

The mindset of an SME startup and entrepreneur is to take from a specialist and apply it oneself. The bottom line is profit and loss in monetary terms but is it really? Social enterprises have a purpose; what is your purpose, and are you communicating it effectively?  Is your purpose aligned to your successful outcome markers? If not, why not? If yes, are you on target, because you may know where you want to be, you may know how you are going to get there, but you may not be getting there for one reason or another.

Your assessment of your aims, objectives, outcomes and markers could be flawed which is when you should talk to someone about it.  An athlete always has a coach and support network, but not all coaches are successful. It also takes trust, understanding, respect and shared vision.

Who is your coach? Who is your go to guy or gal? Who do you pick up the phone to when it gets dicey? Why do you do so? 

Sometimes its the closest to a situation that may not see the wood from the trees, but then there is the issue of trust and sharing your vision, your thoughts, your strategy and your fears. Its never easy to let someone in, so how do you go about it?

Talk to us and we may be able to help?

Send a question and we will try to answer it, if you don't like the answer you needn't ask again; if you do you might want to ask again. 



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