The Successful Entrepreneur: What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?
T his is a subjective piece on successful entrepreneurs, some say that to follow a good example is a key to succeeding. But game changers are pathfinders, pathfinders lead for others to follow; if you are a pathfinder who do you follow?

First of all there are no hard and fast rules. There are guides, there are tried and tested methodologies. Methodologies can and do get updated, game changers do exactly that, they change the game… An entrepreneur that succeeds does not see things the way non-entrepreneurs see the world. They have a viewpoint that to them might seem glaringly obvious but to others it's obscure. The successful entrepreneur succeeds when he or she can communicate their message, product or service effectively.

The beauty of human nature and nurture is that we are each presented with a myriad of variations in upbringing which gives us an advantage over every other species on this planet. Some would say it's God given some would say it's evolution. What we say is; the human race would never have made advances in health, science, technology and civilisation were it not for the ones that could make sense of the abstract.

The next important factor is being able to follow through, to be able to proceed even in the face of adversity, whatever the adversity may be. In order to succeed requires self sacrifice, self belief and a thick skin. You need to accept that the critical often do not have the vision that you might, but you still need to discern fact from fiction or spite.

Visionaries are often viewed as outcasts or maverick. Without outcasts, mavericks or rule breakers there would be no game changers. Game changers are the ones that make the world a better place for us all.

So, if you have an idea, if you have a dream, you should go for it!

For every ten ideas you have only one might work. Don't be afraid of failure. Failure teaches more in some ways than does success. You will learn more from your mistakes than from success. Success is borne from blood sweat and tears. Blood sweat and tears are earned in your failures. So embrace failure. It will serve you more in the long run. Success also requires luck also, luck is a creation of chance and not judgement. You can succeed more by luck than judgement. Riding the crest of a wave created elsewhere is chance. Chance is a random occurrence but judgement is required to place yourself in a position to capitalise upon chance occurrences.

The successful entrepreneur is a person who plays to their strengths and learns from their weaknesses. By learning from their weaknesses they manage to account for them and factor them into their calculations. They hedge, they delegate, they navigate, they know when to cash in our out.

The successful entrepreneur has to know that earning is different from growing. Growing and earning do not necessarily come hand in hand, they have to be acquired using ingenuity, hard work, sacrifice and grace.

Style and grace are not always the key to success, things can get done messily but achieve their aim. All footballers don't score sexy goals, but they can still win a game. Sexy football may look good but a foul can ruin the play. A team can win a match but it takes a manager to win a league. The head directs the limbs and it takes time to learn to use the limbs effectively.

The successful entrepreneur is a capitalist, they capitalise in the environment in which they find themselves, and the environment isn't always friendly, it is more often than not, challenging… and the successful entrepreneur rises to the challenge.


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