The Trump Paradox: A Beacon of Light Shining on Democracy?
I f ever there was a more divisive figure in modern politics in the world today you couldn't find a more controversial figure than that of President Trump. The POTUS is doing more for democracy with his rhetoric, which could undo the damage of previous administrations and united foreign policies of the west in general in the last 40 years or so. The digital world cannot hide the tide of opposition across the world.

The inhumanity of war, the despicable acts of various autocratic regimes across the globe be they barrel bombing, chemical weapons, seemingly random executions of political opponents, dissidents or members of a particular faith creed or sect.

What is beginning to be demonstrated in the USA and Houses of Parliament in the UK is the independence of the judiciary and legislature from the executive.  An executive order is only an order if it is legal. If it is not legal then the legislature and judiciary are not obliged to follow any such order. Therein lies the paradox, although the POTUS won the election (but not the popular vote), the issues he will find most frustrating during his tenure will be how to pass legislation that will conflict with the constitution.

BREXIT and Article 50, POTUS and the ill-thought-out policies, the EU and its undemocratic executive using possible bullying tactics to both put fear and loathing into its people in equal measure will make for an interesting 2017.

The newswires and social media are filled with images, video, commentary of smiling faces in hijabs entering arrivals lounges across the USA being greeted by family and applause from supportive demonstrators are showing the Islamic world the freedom, justice and equality that is written into democratic institutions of the West and all too often denied in their own resident countries.

Injustice can no longer be tolerated, it can no longer be swept under the carpet and hidden from the masses in a digital world.  The digital world has largely been created, underpinned, maintained  and propagated from the democratic nations that are also scrutinised with such a powerful media enabling peoples of the world to discern what is fact and what is fiction.

The Trump Paradox is the well founded fears of a significant proportion of a particular demographic both in the USA and the West yet simultaneously highlighting the freedoms and advantages of Muslims in the West. Some say that what Trump is doing is being a recruiting sergeant for  so called IS or some other derivation of them, yet it’s the very institutions within the USA that will serve to keep him and his ilk in check.

Nations or blocks that so-call themselves democratic will need to take notice that at some point in their respective futures, the deceit and corruption that their executive or bureaucrats may claim is a democratic and fair society, in the face of the evidence available online and on their streets.

North Korea compared to South Korea is a perfect example of democratic society and economic wellbeing.  Corrupt regimes with their dictators hiding millions if not billions off shore take note:

Pinochet, Csecescu, Galtieri, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Min, Hirohito, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, to name but a few. The digital world is here to stay, the access to knowledge, communication, support and trade has never been more easy.  The old games of power grabbing nation states, corruption and siphoning off billions from their people rarely last longer than the lifetime of the dictator… history is the judge that future generations can and do learn. The descendants fall into obscurity oblivion and or die a death equally as their despotic parent.

So is Trump a President of note?  Maybe not for his statesmanship or diplomatic prowess, but as an example of the paradox of democracy and strong democratic institutions protecting the rights and laws of the land; history will be the judge, but looking at it in a realtime, digital, rolling news world the cause and effect of his actions will be observed and analysed more quickly than ever before.


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