Trumps Post Obama Truth: The Tapestry of Global Issues and Priorities
A s distasteful to many as it may be this is the reality for the world.  What happens next is anyones guess, or is it really? Trump won his election by pushing his view of his nation which as many disagreed across the world many within his nation agreed. Will he find it as easy to push his view on the rest of the world?  When he holds a strong hand who is going to call his bluff first?

The issues of the USA and the hangover from the Credit Crunch?

  • The economic crisis in the rust belt
  • An estimated 70% of cocaine traffic being channeled through Mexico into the USA
  • An estimated 11 million unregistered illegal immigrants
  • Wage depression as a result of an undocumented workforce
  • The climate of fear caused by the war on drugs and terror 
  • The reluctance to address gun control
  • The wealth gap between the rich and poor 
  • Trade deficit with China
  • Trade deficit with Germany 
  • Euro being seen to be used by Germany as currency manipulation to boost exports
  • Russian chest beating, the annexation of Ukraine and fears of expansion plans elsewhere
  • US military spend deficit with Nato members
  • Multiple crisis in the Middle East

For some time now the issues of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India have been less of an issue; it would seem the militancy problem being a contagion contained (or left to the governments concerned left to handle) which to many is a welcome relief given the issues elsewhere in the world.

The last eight years have been a stagnation of the issues; its as though they've been contained in a boiling pot of stew. The lid  has trembled under the pressure, threatening to be blown off under the pressure, or has it already?

The EU has been plagued by consecutive euro currency crisis in Greece, poor debt management in Italy and elsewhere. High youth unemployment and poor economic output depressing EU output on the whole. The rising tide of right wing nationalism in France, Germany and Austria is an issue borne out of the credit crunch and the ongoing refugee crisis.

The EU as a block has had with long years to address the issues and is no further down the line now than it was 5 years ago. Yes, they are complicated, but has it been hindered by the bureaucratic nightmare that are its institutions and failure to address the failing currency that is the Euro?

Russian economic woes being played out through annexation and meddling in the international arena to keep domestic issues from bubbling over so as to blame the world for its woes and not its conduct.

China has had to contend with slowing demand due to the economic crisis, as well as internal growth issues;  as well as growth, debt and stock market manipulation; the back door expansion in the South China sea, which has ruffled some of the feathers of its neighbours during a time when the worlds gaze has been focussed elsewhere. 

The continent of Africa on the whole has benefitted more as a consequence of Chinese expansion instead of just being at the behest of the IMF and World Bank, whereas in Europe the focus has been foreign aid to the poorest without, (it would seem) a focus on building trade links and infrastructure to create new markets for European goods and services. 

No matter what Trump thinks now, the next 100 days will be an awakening to the reality of international dynamics at play in realtime and will not be resolved through finger pointing or screaming your fired in a boardroom under the lights and cameras of a fictional construct made to look like reality.

The real winner in all this is democracy! Why?  

The world today is integrated, interconnected, inter-personalised, and tech savvy people with just a smartphone can access a multitude of media platforms, news aggregators creating global citizen journalists, they analyse the pros and cons, its critics, its exponents, the harsh abuse meted out to and from President Trump, the injustices of ISIS and their skewed doctrine, when the reality is witnessed, live streamed via social media, and viewed by millions of people across the world.

In days of old when military coups occurred in the banana republic of a b or c, the tanks rolled into the capital city, they took over the parliament, the presidential palace, the radio and tv stations, and it was pretty much won in a few hours. The difference now is that technology and social media can achieve the same with little or no blood shed with some notable exceptions. Conflicts and civil wars the have raged on for decades have their issues deep rooted in other issues such as in parts of Central and South America usually rooted in control of mineral resources or a lucrative drug trade.

President Obama was the first to use social media in a political campaign to influence and captivate a disengaged electorate to become the first black President of the USA. The Arab Spring was the second time social media was used to mobilise disparate voices to varying degrees of success but it largely failed due to the lack of an inspirational and widely respected leader to fall behind.  

What became of the Occupy movement of 2011?  

A mass movement with noble ideals tried to overthrow the status quo in Europe and America largely to what outcome?  It failed because they didn't have single figure to whom they could rally behind. The failure of a solution in any great detail institution or constitution.  Some tried in Turkey not so long ago and what was the response President Erdogan?  From an smartphone he rallied support and regained control.

President Trump is certainly not the first to use social media to win, but how?

What he did do was use it to circumvent any real analysis of what he was saying because he changed the argument from day to day leaving his opponents wondering what other ridiculous statement was to come next.  What the established politicos, pundits, journalists and media giants failed to realise is that the vast majority of voters had switched off from them and had come to their own conclusions given the facts within which they found themselves and evidenced by the situation in their communities. Trump connected with them as well as many that quietly craved change from the established leadership but were too embarrassed to admit to pollsters. (Similarly with Brexit voters)

This is a look at the global geopolitical & socio-economic situation in a snapshot and compiles a To Do List for (Presidents/Prime Ministers) Donald J. Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin. As a matter of note, 5 of the pictured leaders are also permanent members of the UN security council. Is this a coincidence? The most efficient vehicle for cohesive strategic fundamental change for people across the world crave, regardless of race, gender, colour, sexual persuasion or faith should be within the structure of the UN.  

The reality of climate change is not an issue that will go away by denying its existence, or will it?

The world agrees that it exists. There needs to be a concerted effort to combat and address the issues that arise from it, through international cooperation to put national interest aside and work towards a sustainable future for all which is not impossible. It merely requires the will!

ISIS has been allowed to dominate the headlines and their social media antics, with its vile rhetoric for far too long; in the greater scheme of things it’s a boil on our collective backside that requires a collective lance. It’s an uncomfortable irritant which has been allowed to flourish by successive failures in middle eastern policy by multiple governments, leaders and NGOs. There is no point in singling out any one nation or organisation in particular. 

Extremist doctrine gains a foothold in the absence of a strategic focus with leadership that has clear, aims, objectives and outcomes. The only outcome should be something that will satisfy all humanity, and that is human rights, peace and prosperity for all in the region regardless of faith, gender or religious sect.

Britain has been hamstrung within the confines of the EU for too long because of the inability to address international issues as part of a block, new accession nations of the EU have little experience or are even inclined to address them before their own need for infrastructure improvement jobs and prosperity of their people. They’ve lacked the economic wherewithal or reach for lack of historical or cultural ties to nations beyond their neighbours. Thats not a slight or meant as an insult but its a factual observation.

International trade is vital to underpin the prosperity of a global community. Free trade agreements have taken years to negotiate and sometimes not achieving the desired result. Having the ability to trade on our terms with whom ever we choose using WTO rules is a great place to start where and if necessary. 

Long protracted negotiations that will serve nothing but to frustrate an already frustrated electorate will only hinder a return to growth, jobs and prosperity both within the EU and the rest of the world.

The To Do List:

  • Address the inequalities of the many and create a level playing field
  • Boost the median income of the less fortunate 
  • Create opportunities for education employment and training 
  • Promote human rights and equality for all which includes LGBTQ 
  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom of religion

The reality is none of the above will happen until President Trump deals with his domestic program which he has clearly indicated if America first. The Middle East issue and ISIS will be next on his agenda; Saudi and Iran might want to reconsider their sectarian proxy war and look at working together to resolve the issues of the middle east together. 

China might have to reappraise their trade advantage which if the USA and Europe hadn't opened their markets, their prosperity mightn't have been so great in less than 25 years. 

Europe needs to address its inefficient infrastructure as the EU without the UK is poorer for it. Any other position is a delusion. The Trade surplus is on the side of the EU not the UK, a similar situation exists with China and the USA.  Who will pay for access the one with more the surplus or the deficit? 

Is Trump likely to give unfettered access to US markets when the rust belt is in the state it is in currently? Is May likely to give unfettered access to UK market without reciprocity? The advantage is with the nation with the deficit. 

This is not a lie it’s “Trumps Post Obama Truth”.

The inbox of the leaders pictured is filled with national and international issues the are in essence, the same; how do they address them?  

Working together is an easier proposition than having to deal with them alone.


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