VJ Day 2015 Remembered: The Cost of War in Lives
T his tribute to the brave souls who gave us the technologically advanced digital world that we enjoy today. For it is them that laid the foundations of much of what we have.

Looking at the illustration it highlights the range and depth of numbers of lives lost by the various nations that took part in this conflict. It was a humanitarian catastrophe that had followed The Great War. Many lives lost, many lives blighted, many lives saved…

The wholesale slaughter of millions by millions for millions is mind boggling. This is something that we need to be reminded of for many generations to come in order to respect the sacrifices, the suffering, the innocents and the protectors of our freedoms that we now hold so dear.

Remembering the suffering regardless of race, creed, faith or cause. All of humanity suffered as a result of the carnage. It is our duty to remember the fallen, it is our duty to honour their memory, it is imperative that we strive to work together for a better place for all the worlds citizens.


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