VolantSound.com: Apple (Dre's) Beats Audio Watch Out
M eeting Joshua of VolantSound.com Church has been a revelation and proves yet again just how much ingenuity we find in our daily search and selection. It seems like a never ending supply of it in our great city. We are honoured to bring VolantSound.com to your attention.

Joshua Church - VolantSound.com

Tell us in your own words about your business:

The business is all about ‘listening outside the box’. We take audio products and look at them laterally to see how we might create something that creates unique and real value for consumers in a product many people use every day. For example we see that people are increasing using both small earphones and large headphones for different activities, we therefore combined the two into one product to give the consumer one sound, one look and a much cheaper price as they aren't paying for everything twice. Another concept we are designing embeds a charging cable into earphones to allow someone to borrow or give charge from one smartphone to another.

What do you do?

We are a consumer electronics company. So far we have created innovative product concepts around headphones, earphones, speakers and charging. To date, we have taken several ideas from concepts and intellectual property applications to design and prototype phase, it has been a huge learning curve reading vast legal documents one minute and exploring user experience in design the next.

When did you start?

We started in February 2014 in a part time capacity but the products have really gained some excitement allowing us to spend more time on developing them.

Why did you start?

By completing a number of placements in finance and property during University, I had sort of pigeonholed myself into a very corporate future. I ended up doing insurance in Hong Kong and Singapore; the locations were great but the work left me really bored. I got involved in the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong and saw a way of getting into creative industries without having to explain myself to interviewers.

What has your journey been like?

In all honesty I expected the journey to be quicker. At a young age it is easy to be very eager to progress quickly, but in an industry like consumer electronics, it just isn’t possible. I find myself constantly waiting and although it’s frustrating, you come to realize that good things take time.

What challenges have you encountered?

I have made several mistakes which have been made worse by working with some difficult partis that have been less than startup friendly.

How did you overcome the challenges?

Unfortunately, it led to huge delays in product delivery but I came to realise how important the parties you work with are to the success of your company. Take extra time in choosing the right people to work with and implement a structure which aligns your incentives. I now try to work with people who have a long term view for the products; they believe in them as much as I do and are not looking for a quick fee.

Where are you now?

Having set up the company in Hong Kong we are just starting to launch the brand in London, Volantsound.com. We will be launching three products in 2016 and likely using some crowdfunding methods to do so, it is a great way to validate your product concepts.

Where do you hope to be?

I would love to build a collection of unique luxury audio products that allow the consumer to use sound like as a resource which works around them. Volant Sound’s tagline is ‘Freedom of Sound’ and everything we do looks to put the consumers needs first.

Do you have anything that you would like to add?

Having gone on the radar just last week we are looking to build our audience and incorporate potential consumers in the design refining process. We are giving away a free pair of headphones in order to get people involved and excited and will continue to do give aways up to launch.

To learn more and to view a video log on to Volantsound.com and to register your interest.


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