10 Years on: Remembering the Victims of 7/7
O n the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 attack on London, we are proud to say that we are here and resolute in our determination to promote our way of life.

In a world where forces of chaos promote division and supremacy over and above that of democratic freedom of speech and thought it is even more important for those of us of right mind to promote peace, prosperity and justice for all, irrespective of faith, creed, colour, or orientation.

Democracy is not a free pass to offend, but an entitlement to respect. To either be born, raised, educated or domiciled here is an acceptance that differences are a celebration of humanity and promoted in all its kaleidoscopic variance. If one aspect of lifestyle or faith is not for anyone or other, it’s a simple case of not frequenting a place of worship or social gathering that will find anyone in the company of a greater proportion of those that practice that faith or lifestyle.

Its also important to come together, to know each other, to meet each other, to greet each other in peace, security and respect. To have shared secular values to protect what we have, to honour and cherish that which London gives us all, which are businesses and a lifestyle to the envy of many in the world. It is equally important to respect the rights of one or other to be free from abuse or persecution in practising their faith or lifestyle. Democracy is an entitlement to respect, not a free pass to offend.

On the 10th anniversary of 7/7, we honour the memories of the victims lost and we say this; London is strong, London is proud, London is a beacon of light in a darkening world of economic and religious strife. It is our intention to celebrate the best of London, to export the best of London, to create opportunities in London and promote it to the world.

The fact that London is already a world leader in so many fields of expertise, trades, technologies and human resource is a testament to our diversity of peoples. The digital age creates opportunities for trade across the world with London whilst being domiciled anywhere else in the world regardless of timezone, climate or terrain and we are here to facilitate that connectivity.

We are proud and we shout it loud WE LOVE LONDON!!!

Share your stories, share your images, show your love, show your support #WeLoveLondon


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