When & How Best to Expand: Onwards and Upwards!
T he above question is a positive question at any time of a businesses life; it becomes even more interesting given the situation for UK in the current climate. But why is it really?  That would entirely depend on the type of business, your target market and whether you see opportunities or not.

For the purposes of this article we are going to keep it within the boundary of what we see for ourselves. At a time when confidence is waning its for the bold to lead.  Marketeers create demand where once there weren’t.

Steve Jobs made 10 points that determine a businesses position in the marketplace which are:

  1. Make a great product
  2. Don’t sell products sell dreams
  3. Focus on the experience
  4. Turn consumers into evangelists not customers
  5. Master the message and the delivery
  6. Decisions to be made in a group not a committee
  7. Find an enemy
  8. Make the design simple and then simplify more
  9. Don't have to be the first but be the best
  10. Innovate or die

The small business experience is dependent upon resources or lack thereof which some view as a disadvantage so some of the above may seem unattainable but are they really?

Whether you are a product or service you will still be judged on your service delivery. Your quality or level of service is your product.  Its how you will earn repeat business and recommendations. Focus on developing relationships in order to win hearts and minds. 

Decision makers focussed on the objective, creating ideas, developing the business the product or service, but how does that apply to a sole trader? It doesn't but then you ask friends or family and or customers to give an opinion and make not of them, then you ask yourself objectively, am I doing the best I can? If you cannot be honest with yourself then you will be deceiving yourself and your customers.

Finding an enemy is easy; it could also be yourself, we as individuals can be our own worst enemy. Your enemy could be your next door competitor, pick a subject to compete on and be better at it; highlight it and reinforce it.  If you don't innovate to increase your sales you will ultimately stagnate and or fail.

This construct is aggressive; its based on the assertion of growing faster than the competition and being better than the competition; but when the market is so huge does it really matter? Diversity and choice is better than being the dominant product or service for the consumer, focussing on your local market to build reputation and repeat customers is not determined by who can be better than the rest. Being better at something than your nearest competition is applicable and innovation in relationship building and service delivery is where you can differentiate.

Our strategic objectives are as stated but we felt it necessary to also have a statement of intent which is:

  • To represent our brand and methodology in an honest and professional manner
  • To act in an ethical & sustainable manner at all levels of engagement
  • To create opportunities to boost trade, skills opportunities for our audience and partners
  • To reduce, reuse, recycle at all levels of our business infrastructure

So now that we have our platform; our products, our services is it the right time to expand? We think so.  

So what are our next steps?

There are some matters that need to be attended to such as ensuring we have the right human resources to facilitate growth, to manage the various aspects of our offering and build the team around our platform our ethos and our clients new and old. The next is to look at the options for facilitation of any expansion, such as do we have the finances? If not, what are the options? Look at the options, consider the options, and opt for the best option that presents itself.

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Are we EIS/SEIS ready?

Share our thoughts with our network, invite them to join by expressing an interest, take the time to consider whats available then make an announcement.

If you are interested in joining or offering something that could add to our expansion we are willing to talk. To email your expression of interest and what you're offering click here


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