Messaging by Hand
I ntroducing they offer a handwritten messaging service to add that personalised touch to your marketing messaging. A retro way to engage and increase take up of your newsletters, marketing messages, and invitations

Brief Introduction

The team and I (Bruce Pannaman, Co-Founder & CTO) at, having been working hard over the last year to bring to life your new favourite secret weapon to streamline sales and marketing initiatives. By resurrecting the time-defying medium of handwritten messages for a modern business world stuck in a cycle of emails and cold calls, we create for you a great first impression and loyal relationship with key clients - by personalising your interactions, this will instantly show your care for them beyond simple sales leads. Handwritten letters and messages, carefully produced using premium stationary and sent to your customers by first class post, not only bring out the novelty factor in terms of customer attention and engagement, but are also a simple and effective part of your marketing strategy with higher proven ROI. 

History (describe your journey)

The four founders of have been best friends since primary school, so we know and trust each other like brothers. Over separate journeys through university, careers and other passions, our combined skill set has unsurprisingly become quite spectacular and we've been adamant on using them to disrupt the marketing sector in a big way. We know that personalising business communication is our true fit, and our best weekends from the last year or two have been spent ordering pizza, strategising product roadmap together and of course writing a lot of letters. 

Rationale (how you come to be where you are)

Our customers have joined us in truly believing, not only because we love receiving personal letters ourselves, but also because our early months were filled with vigorous testing of our idea while working with our initial client base. The idea always made sense to us from the beginning, but we needed to know it would it make sense on the P&L sheets of our clients’ marketing campaigns. After proving that our handwritten marketing medium was over 7 times more effective than similar copy email or typed letters, we pushed forward with our campaign and started pitching to more clients, again amazed at the resulting feedback on increased sales and ROI. In addition to networking events and online marketing, our most successful way of meeting and securing new clients has been to send then handwritten letters specific to their brand and audience, describing what we can do to connect the two. What better way for build trust in effectiveness!

Aims & Objectives of your business

We aim to create this strong and personal connection between the the brands we work with and their audience. Email and CRM systems have become the default for organisations to communicate with their customers due to relative ease and level of automation. We strive to keep our service as easy to use as a CRM platform, but with the added benefit of charm and increased impact. From all the great successes we've enjoyed so far with various tech, education and services clients, there has been exponential insight and feedback to help improve conversion efficiency. The overarching objective of this is to be forever optimising everything sent out on your behalf, increasingly personalised and relevant. The perfect mix of style, substance and strong call to actions within your message ensure a greater number of customer interactions and engagement, which could have been otherwise lost to an email junk filter. 

Future Projections

We have some very cool things in the oven for 2017; everything from CRM and salesforce plugins in order to automate ordering of handwritten letters to an automated helping hand in handwriting our letters. Similarly to the rise of Many other successful startups, the minimum viable products that we have started with are very manual, not just by their very nature but because it allows us to explore, learn and test our methods to achieve the best results. All future developments in the next few months, focus on reducing the manual effort it takes for you to send the best handwritten communications to your favourite clients. Within the next few months you will see a "send handwritten letter" button within your normal communication flow of our selected CRM partners. We hope that this allows you to leverage the full force of our marketing channel with just one extra click! We have cemented so many great relationships so far in our journey and cannot wait to seduce even more brands and their audiences towards our beautiful handwriting communication platform.  

What are you looking for (if anything)

We at are passionate about what we do and love to see the smiles on people's faces when they receive our letters. Our vision is to bring back the charm and charisma that comes from handwritten messages and therefore ensure that your company is sending communications that your customers look forward to receiving. So come to our site, find out more about us and get in touch and we can show you the true impact of personalised handwritten messages.

Bruce Pannaman 



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