ANDi, a Personal Gaming Assistant: “Tinder for Games”
A nother fantastic startup in the shape of, who do what they say on the tin (or in this case the headline) Another fantastic application of what is a binary choice yes or no, like or dislike, swipe left or right, only this time its for games on your phone.  We met Founder Benjamin Woolf and this is what he told us. 

Tell us in your own words about your business:

ANDi at its core is an Artificial Intelligence software company. Our primary area of focus is Mobile Gaming.

Right now, there is a lot of buzz about A.I, and looking past films into the real world the reason there is so much excitement is the fact we can improve all our current digital services, be it on Mobile, PC, VR/AR, and Internet of Things. 

What do you do?

My role is CEO and Co-founder. Samuel Koch is my partner and CTO, his expertise is technology whereas mine is business and operations. As CEO, my main areas of focus include operations, marketing & growth, strategy, and partnerships. Additionally, I keep busy attending several events and doing talks to students, business hubs etc. about running a start-up and the challenges we’ve faced. It’s a role I feel most comfortable in, responsible for the team and the direction of the business.

We are aiming to solve some large-scale problems which affect 100’s of millions of people by combining skill, experience and expertise from a varied team of staff.  

When did you start?

ANDi Games Ltd was incorporated back in February of 2016. However, the idea and discussions began early November of 2015 when Sam and I discussed the idea of creating a controversial mobile games company. Deciding our next steps, I secured us positions to volunteer at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in London. This gave us the perfect opportunity to see the bigger picture affecting emerging technology – our idea was suddenly emerging into something much bigger, with a larger problem to solve.

Why did you start?

What we realised was that mobile games and apps, were poorly supported. Yes, there is the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but the finding what you need/want can be a frustrating and prolonged experienced. The app economy is very fragmented and we want to bring it back together, whilst providing a simpler and more personal experience.

What has your journey been like?

Have you ever heard the saying “Like pushing a boulder up a mountain”? Try two boulders, that’s what it has been like for us. Anyone who has started a company will tell you that it’s a daily grind making progress. What we discovered was starting a company in emerging technology is possibly twice as hard.

That said, the journey has been incredible to date. The progress of our team and what we have all achieved in such a small period is nothing short of remarkable and I wouldn’t trade the experience.

What challenges have you encountered?

Securing investment in the UK has been difficult. In the UK, we have found many to be demotivating and consistently “stress testing” ideas before moving ahead. The US is very different and dare I say it, they are more understanding of the risk yet open to new ideas and technology. The UK has some miles to go to catch up.

What we are doing is very different to anything out there and as such it can be difficult to provide comparable models, easily relatable to. This is of course made even harder when talking to people who maybe not understand emerging technologies as well. With new technologies like Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality, this can be much harder.

Therefore, one of our biggest problems has been finding people who know technology and understand how the market works.

How did you overcome the challenges?

Persistence; one evening I was reflecting and analysing our progress, annoyed by the amount of irrelevant or close minded questions and challenges that we continued to encounter. We eventually decided to change our business plan and include everything about everything with the full amount of research.

This way we could answer every question and people began thinking beyond our presentation to the future and capability of our work.

We appreciate challenges, and especially those who challenge our ideals, opinions, and methods. This allows us to continually learn and grow

Where are you now?

We preparing to bring ANDi 2.0 out in December, which will include an improved user experience and visualization for our ‘Tinder for Games’ discovery section. We also adding the ability for influencers to directly promote games and automated notifications that are sent at the times best suited for users, not when we think they should have them.

Our site is now able to facilitate outside writers who wish to share their own content about the Mobile Games and emerging technology industry.

We’ll be presenting at Slush in Helsinki, Finland and then we are off to TechCrunch Disrupt London and then in January we’ll be heading to Pocket Gamer Connects London, further building and strengthening our relationships with key industry figures.

Where do you hope to be?

By March 2017 we expect to be pushing further updates to the application, improvements on our website to continue supporting non-profits, developers, writers, and general consumers in the creative industries.

We will be focusing on user growth and most importantly reflecting on comments and reviews to continue providing a quality service for our users.

In the future, we hope to be leaders in Artificial Intelligence software, supporting both consumers and businesses. This includes providing market leading recommendation services across multiple platforms, whether it is mobile products, online, VR or AR.

We believe these industries will continue to have a huge impact on our day to day lives, especially when it comes to entertainment. Simplifying the millions of choices and lowering the need for so much advertising from companies to buy their product, because we care about the real needs of people and their experiences when making choices.

Do you have a testimonial from a happy client/s?

Tom Rattner 

ANDi Review I found the app extremely useful in cutting down my browsing time. The tinder-like feature was probably what made the app both easy and pretty fun to use. In summary, a five-star idea. Loved it!

Guy Gandelman 

Awesome App So far the app matched me with games I love. I was a bit sceptical at first but this is great. Highly recommended :)


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