Honour Roll of Iconic (Black) Men
M ohammad Ali,  Nelson Mandela, Dr Martin Luther King. The three aforementioned are without doubt beacons of light for all humanity regardless of race creed colour or faith.

The list is endless if we include black men from the world of entertainment but the three mentioned crossed over from their respective fields and touched humanity In a particularly outstanding way.

If a young man from a deprived or testing background would like an example of humanity at its best, you'd be hard pressed to find an exemplar that outshines the men mentioned in this piece.

At a time when Racism, xenophobia, and bigotry was an issue ,in a world where the wrongs meted out to BMEs was par for the course, these men rose above it and led the way to greater acceptance worthy of our respect and reverence.  

We would like to pay our tribute to Mohamad Ali, his family and loved ones. We are honoured and are grateful to have known that even during the circumstances they were being wronged, they shone a light into the darkness of bigotry and injustice.

If there is a time to use a possible cliché it would certainly not be regarded as such when applied to them. For the work they did in their lives will live on for centuries to come. 

Their work is not complete; they will live on in our collective consciousness, in archive footage and documents that has only just begun. For those that follow in their footsteps truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

The world might seem less tolerant and more bigoted than it has ever been we prefer to state this; given the examples given and their forging of paths for us to follow, we are confident that the humane and right minded among us will overcome the bitter, acrid, spiteful, and down right despicable examples of humanity that profess to represent a supreme race, religion, doctrine or political ideology wrapped in hatred. 

The examples of the best of us in a world where the worst of us all too often grab the headlines with their extreme, mentally unsound, geopolitically motivated, hatred ridden, vile propaganda, is a disease that will be defeated for the best of us live on in our collective hearts and minds; for in the words of our newly elected Mayor of London Sadiq Khan "Hope trumps fear" 

The right and sound minded among us will prevail as we have always prevailed, because humanity has advanced, and we will continue to advance when we live, practice and honour the values and beliefs of human rights, respect, equality, diversity and democracy. 

The bigots cannot and will not prevail because they are thankfully in the minority, although it might seem at times that they are all around us, and among us, but we should know that they thrive on sewing discourse and fear, like bullies they try to divide by irrational, despicable means and its incumbent upon us that we the majority to defeat their vile doctrine. 

You will not win; humanity will always win because that's what makes us better than you. Our shared sense of dignity in freedom of choice and justice with self determination based on respect without compulsion.

You to your religion and we to ours!



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