The Value of Life
S uch a despicable act by an inhumane organisation that dares to include a word that contradicts everything that it is and does. It is neither islamic nor is it a state. It is clear that our way of life has become disrupted. It is clear that current foreign policy has not worked. It is clear that it may get worse before it gets better.

What do we do now?

We have heard the debate before; its USA, Britain, France’s Foreign Policy and USA/UK drone strikes killing innocent Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria that has caused this. We have heard that it is the Policy of Israel and the treatment of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank that is causing this. It’s the double standards of USA/UK and the West in general with regard to Israel and its conduct thats to blame.

“Muslim blood gets spilled and nothing happens, when European blood is spilt then there is uproar.”

Again we have heard that on one side the some voices in Muslim world say stay out of it, who do you think you are, the world police”? On the other hand there are some voices albeit largely silent in the debate that actively seek the assistance of USA/UK and France and allies, to support their regimes and trade oil for this assistance or protection as some might regard it.

So on the one hand the West as branded as imperialist crusaders, on the other hand branded as interfering and assisting in the propping up of corrupt so called Islamic nations whilst persisting in their policy of keeping other Islamic Republics under such pressure so as to maintain or contain them with economic sanctions and other difficult trading propositions.

There are many Muslim voices that often repeat the old chestnut that its Israel and Israeli policy that is propped up by the West that is the root of the problem, and the US drone strikes killing innocent civilians as well as the flawed interventions in Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

The fact of the matter is Israel has been in a state of war for decades, it has been surrounded by organisations and nations that have been intent on its destruction and used any and all means possible to destroy it, including using human shields to provoke and undermine their argument based on tit for tat tactics.

What is the West to do?

If we are to respect the national boundaries of each and every nation, that includes the right of Israel to protect itself just as Saudi Arabia has its right secure its borders and have laws that we here in the West find deplorable, yet still we respect the right of Saudi Arabia as a sovereign nation, therefore by default the same applies to Israel.

Looking at what is going on in parts of Middle East, the North, Horn, & Sub-Saharan Africa, South South East Asia parts of Central and South America, there is trouble, strife war and murder, corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking, the abuse of women used as sex slaves and other abuses of human rights.

What can be done?

Do we leave them to it and try to continue living our lives in Europe and build a Fortress Europe and let them slaughter each other as is now or do we intervene?

If the West is so bad why are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people desperate to get to the safety and security of the European Union? If we are so bad then why is there a clamour of refugees and migrants trying to come here?

The reality of our situation is we are now at war. It’s not a war of faith in one religion over another as some have been trying to spin it. It’s not a war of ideology because their narrative is flawed and contrary to anything that is remotely humane; it’s a war of humanity over barbarity!


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